Happy Mother’s Day Weehawken!

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am grateful to know so many wonderful moms in our community both new comers and born and raised. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish ALL mothers in our community from uptown to downtown, young to senior, a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Life can get a little messy for all of us. We all have our own struggles in life either with family, loss of a loved one, career, health, or financial struggles. Sometimes they can all come at once. Mothers are the ones that keep it all together (and yes dads too!). The moment that we can all accept all that life has to offer is a great moment. Realize that things that do not serve us anymore we must let go of and every day is a day to be celebrate. Make this day extra special by spending time, or picking up the phone to the ones you love. (And no not a text, but a real phone call.) To mothers who have passed on, take this time to honor them for they are still with us each and every day.

As I sit here on the eve of Mother’s Day, I realize how precious life truly is. I am so grateful to not only be a mother of two beautiful children, but thankful that I have the ability to step back and take a look from the outside in. To realize I am part of something great. To realize I am here to contribute myself to the world. Being a mother is such a gift, the greatest gift one can receive. At times we do not even realize the depths of our role because we do it so naturally-almost unconsciously. Today realize that YOU are here and YOU deserve to be loved and cherished.

Cheers to you mothers of Weehawken.

This one’s for you!

-Weehawken Life