Weehawken Life’s First Donation to the Weehawken Public Library!

Weehawken Life is proud to announce our first donation to the Weehawken Public Library! YAY!  Today a portion of the proceeds of our online tote bag sales went to the library. Thank you to all Weehawken Life customers, we couldn’t have done it without you! If feels SO GOOD to donate to a very special place in our community and YOU should feel SO GOOD for being a part of it.

Not only is the Weehawken Public Library such a beautiful historical building (or mini castle I like to call it), but a modern day place full of magical memories. So many Weehawken families are impacted by all the wonderful programs our library offers. Both my children were and are still part of the free library program. Free programs start at 6 months of age!  From free movie showings, science related events, art classes, book clubs, and game days for both kids and adults, we are so grateful to have this local outlet. The library is such a saving grace especially in the winter months when it’s too frigid outside, or too blazing hot in the summer time.

Weehawken Life’s donation was not huge compared to the most recent event Taste of Weehawken held on April 24th, which raised over $20,000 for the library!  Wow! But that is not the point. You gotta start somewhere right? The fact that we all have the ability to make a difference in our community is what matters. The fact that we can give back to the things we love in life is what matters.

We love you Weehawken Public Library! You will always be a special place in our town!