Working From Home: Blessing or Curse?

As a mother of two living in Weehawken Nj, I always  raise the question: is working from home a blessing or a curse? I use to work in the city. Commuting, shleping through the city, subways, always watching my back. Recently I changed to a work from home position. It sounded so appealing. Being home, taking my kids to school, picking them up, being there for homework help and prepairing dinner. And getting a paycheck! I thought it was a win win. Until 6 months in! Ha! That term “the grass is always greener on the other side” has since reared it’s head.  If you are a person who always likes a clean home with no clutter, working from home can be a challenge. How can I work when the sink is full from cheerios from breakfast? How can I work when I have to pick up the house? When I use to commute to the city, I would just get ready, do my makeup, get dressed, pack up the kids, and walk out the door focused on my job. Now, I find myself unable to focus because I am too worried about leaving the house a mess! Before I just shut the door on the mess, now do I really have to pick up EVERYTHING before I start working? Everyone knows with 2 kids and a husband who is not clutter free savy, 3 against 1 is a very hard challenge. I find myself putting more pressure to work, run a load of laundry in the basement, write emails, wash the dishes, answer business calls while walking the dog picking up poop, all bouncing back and forth all day long. Dang! The funny thing is my husband also works from home as a real estate broker, but for some reason he can easily zone out the mess at home and stay focused on his work. How does he do that! Is it all mom’s who feel my pain? Can they just walk away from a mess? I wish someone would fill me in on this whole not caring thing. I find myself working 3X as hard in a day. I am stay at home mom and working full time mom, all at one time. I feel as though I am on double duty and super exhausted by the end of the day. Some days I wish I could just walk out the door. But I try to stay looking on the bright side. I am here for my kids, have freedom to get the little stuff done, and have a paycheck. I guess the real question is where do I get a chill pill!?