A New Change for the Board of Education by Elizabeth Chan

As VP of Weehawken Life and running candidate for the Board of Education it only seems necessary for me to talk a little about what is going on.  Tomorrow April 17th is a big day for the Board of Education, Election Day!  I’ve been walking around the streets of Weehawken old school, going door to door knocking on voters doors and talking.  And you may be asking what are they saying?  There is a lot of positive feedback with how the school system is changing with all the new technology and teaching methods.  There also are a lot of voters out there worried for the future.  I held a meet, sip, and chat at one of Weehawken Life’s profiled establishments Gladis’s to discuss these positions.  It was a great turn out and if elected in I plan on setting up more meet ups to keep in touch with you the voters, and continuing our dialogue on our community’s children.

The Weehawken Board of Education needs fresh new faces that come with the commitment of representing the community.  I am a mother of 2 that plans on being with this school system for at least the next 17 years.  I plan on representing you the voters. I’m passionate about issues such as Intrinsic Motivation, Student : Teacher Ratios, and Mentorship Programs.

As a mentor, coach, mother, and business owner I know the importance these years are for every child from PreK through their Senior year of High School.  We can do it together because it takes a village to raise a child.

Now go out & vote!!

–Elizabeth Chan