DJ Carmen Sandiego- Weehawken’s Resident DJ

What is more inspiring that someone who follows their own path.

At Weehawken Life, we love highlighting inspirational women who make a name for themselves. Let me introduce you to DJ Carmen Sandiego, Weehawken’s resident DJ/Audio Engineer.  Yes, you may think that this type of career is as simple as playing music, but her specialty is creation. She has turned down gigs that would be more similar to being a “human jukebox.” It is not about the glam, title, money, or spotlight, more so letting her creative process free to fly. And I will tell you something, this bird can spread her wings! She goes by the name DJ Carmen Sandiego, the famous sultry computer game villain from the late 80’s.  Coined after her friends gave her the name since she always wore dresses and long coats, regularly covering her face. The name just stuck.


Her choice of career has always been in her blood. Music was always a constant in her life, which I can definitely relate to. She was always into music and recording tracks at a young age.

Music is one of those things that can move you, relate to, and throw yourself into for countless hours.

She has lived in Weehawken for 3 years and has been a DJ for the past 4 ½ years. DJ Carmen Sandiego was born in Cairo Egypt. She studied civil engineering and graduated from the American University of Cairo. Later on she studied Audio Engineering in NYC. Oddly enough she discovered Weehawken in the same way I did. She was searching for a place to call home close enough to NYC but without the NYC pricetag.

Most influential genre:

“I always stayed in R&B- 90’s hip hop.”  No one in particular stands out as far as most influential music artist. Her concept is more creative as a whole. DJ Carmen Sandiego is a true artist in that she does not try to replicate anyone or sound like anyone else. She embraces the creative process for her music and is constantly creating no matter what time of day or night. She explained at our interview how she just finished tracking a song for an independent local artist at 2am that morning.

Her life is her work and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

What type of music does she play?

Everything. Too much competition to stick to one genre, she states.  “Genre bending nowadays. Also a lot of jazz hip hop.”

Where does she play?

DJ Carmen Sandiego plays everywhere from Egypt to NYC.  She plays anywhere that pays and worth the time most importantly.

DJ Carmen Sandiego has been on my radar for quite some time. I was so grateful to get to chat with her on Weehawken in particular. The people in our little community are AWESOME!

Weehawken Life Q & A 

Q:  What do you love about Weehawken?

A:   It’s close to the city and family oriented.


Q:  Describe Weehawken in 1 word.

A:  Township—in a positive way.


Q:  Where do you frequent most in Weehawken?

A:   Moe’s Deli—Coffee that’s it!


Q:  My favorite question I ask all my blog features, what are some words of advice you would give anyone who is starting their own business or would like to start something on their own. Words of inspiration…

A: You have to do the work- you can be good at something but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. People have asked me “How do you stand out in this industry?” and it’s just that- YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. NYC inspires you to step outside your comfort zone and pushes you. I do not think I would have gotten this far if I lived in any other place in America.”


Weehawken Life is so proud to have such an inspiring, successful, independent woman such as DJ Carmen Sandiego as a resident. She follows the beat of her own electric drum…no pun intended. Her tenacity is the reflection of true hustle and grind. She stays true to herself and puts her stake in the ground, never faulting away from herself.


Music Link:


Hear DJ CARMEN SAN DIEGO/BASSAC at Red Lounge in Jersey City located at 136 Newark Avenue for bi-monthly parties. @REDLOUNGEJC